Water Resources

Purpose & Organization

Picture of water, a valuable resource for life.Water is a critical resource necessary for life, and also one that affects our lives each and every day. Whether cooking, washing dishes, growing food, or creating industrial products; water is a key element. It nourishes habitat for plants and animals, which provides recreation and enjoyment for many people.

Penn Township understands that we must take a holistic view of the impacts water has on us as well as the effects we have on it. The diagram below shows the organization of the series of Water Resources webpages, which have been retooled from the Storm Water Management Information Page.

DivisionsGraphic for Our Water Resources-Watersheds, Drinking Water, Wastewater, Stormwater Management, Flood Control.

Water Quality

Penn Township is committed to protecting and improving water quality in a variety of ways. Access our Water Quality Enhancements Page to see what is being done.
Organizational Chart

Public Education & Involvement

Please take the time to become familiar with the township’s integrated public education and outreach and public involvement and participation programs. The Public Involvement Guide was created to guide us through 2017 by involving the community in producing lasting positive effects on our water resources.

Story of Drinking Water

Penn Township and the Northwestern Lancaster County Authority present The Story of Drinking Water, an interactive educational experience.