1. Contact a Police Officer for a Non-Emergency Situation
    Call 911 and say it is for a non-emergency, or call the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department office at 717-733-0965 during business hours, 8am to 4:30pm.
  2. Why does the township have a fee for false alarms?
    To inhibit excessive false alarms.
    Excerpt from Township Resolution #2016-17

    False alarm response fees:
    First false alarm per calendar year Free
    Second false alarm per calendar year $100.00
    Third false alarm per calendar year $200.00
    Fourth false alarm per calendar year $300.00

    For each subsequent false alarm in a calendar year, the fee will be an additional $100.00 (e.g., fifth will be $400.00, sixth will be $500.00, and so on).

    False alarm fee waiver.
    Payment of a response assessment fee may be waived by the Zoning and Codes Officer. Upon written notification by the owner of the alarm system and verification by the Zoning and Codes Officer that such false alarm was caused by an act of nature, as to an APD (automatic protection device) which has been installed or modified within 30 days prior to the false alarm or, the proprietor shows written verification that the alarm has been inspected, serviced and repaired post incident within 15 days of said incident, where the Zoning and Code Officer concludes that the false alarm resulted from good-faith user familiarization process or the process of adjustment of mechanical malfunction.

  3. Find Buried Utilities before digging?
    Planning to dig? You will need to have the underground lines marked. Designing a project, no matter how big or small, you need to know the location of the underground lines. To place a dig or design notification in Pennsylvania, please call
    811 or 1-800-242-1776 (outside PA). For further information for Pennsylvania, One Call System click on the link provided to review their website. www.call811.com
  4. Get a Building/Zoning Permit?
    Click on the following link to view and print the Building and Zoning Permit Applications.
  5. Get information about Property Taxes
    The County of Lancaster serves as the real estate tax collector for Penn Township for both the municipal and the county real estate taxes.
    Their contact information is:

    Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office
    150 N. Queen St.
    Suite 122
    P.O. Box 1447
    Lancaster, PA 17608

    Ph: 717-299-8222

    Monday – Friday
    8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

    The real estate tax discount period ends April 30. The real estate tax base period ends June 30. Taxes paid after June 30 are assessed a penalty.
    Penn Township millage rate is 1.80.
    — For questions about Property Assessment data, please contact PAQuestions@co.Lancaster.pa.us
    — For questions about delinquent tax data (claims or collections), please contact Tax Claims at (717) 299-8232