Transportation Capital Improvement Plan

Planning Process Update

A series of community meetings was held in July 2013 at three locations to gain feedback and introduce the plan. The handout and meeting summary are available to view and download at the lower right of this page.

Since that time, background information is being prepared and drafted into introductory sections of the plan – a draft version of this will be made available for public review in the near future. An announcement will be made when it can be downloaded.

Why Plan for Transportation Improvements in Penn Township?

Graphic: System preservation, Safety enhancement, Capacity building

  • Create road map for budgeting
  • Connect improvements with sound land use policy
  • Provide forum to prioritize projects
  • Reassess population growth estimates (demand-side)
  • Engage citizens for constructive input

A Growing Population Means What?

About 2,500 additional residents are projected to live in Penn Township during 2010-2040 in approximately 977 new housing units.
Assuming 80% of the new units are built in the Township’s Growth Area, 195 will be scattered in the rural areas while 782 will be located where public infrastructure is.
Increased traffic from new housing = about 9,200 more trips by the year 2040.

Plan Documents