Comprehensive Planning

The Manheim Central Region Comprehensive Plan was adopted by Penn Township in September 2010 to guide land use, economic development, and other aspects for the foreseeable future.

Comprehensive planning considers a number of factors like history, demographic trends, housing needs, public utilities feasibility, and resource conservation to make decisions on how and where growth should be accommodated.

View the Pennsylvania Informational Series: The Comprehensive Plan

Official Map

Penn Township Official Map Signed 2011

In 2011, Penn Township adopted an Official Map as part of the Comprehensive Plan implementation efforts. The Official Map plots existing public lands and facilities, as well as those proposed by municipal planning documents to inform affected property owners and the community as a whole. On our map, we have highlighted the following features:

  • Doe Run Road / Penryn Road and Lancaster Road Pedestrian Corridor Improvements
  • Existing Parks
  • Municipal and School District Properties
  • State Game Lands
  • Proposed Roads and Roadway Connections
  • Proposed Trails

Strategic Planning

Penryn Community Action Plan

The Community Action Plan for Penryn, Pennsylvania was adopted by the township in April 2013 after a yearlong planning process that looked at the village and surrounding areas. A strategic vision for this culturally-significant area hinges on three themes:

  • Keep Penryn’s History Alive
  • Build Upon the Community’s Sense of Place
  • Enhance Infrastructure and Utilities

Transportation Capital Improvement Plan

Currently, in production, the Penn Township Transportation Capital Improvement Plan (TCIP) will establish a five-year program for system maintenance, safety enhancement, and capacity building projects involving the local transportation network. Stay up-to-date on the plan’s progress through the Project Page.