Community Enhancement Projects

Check out some of the exciting projects focused on improving our community and public facilities, ranging from energy to walkability and much more…


Doe Run Road – East High Street Pedestrian Enhancement Project

Penn Township and Manheim Borough are gearing up to extend sidewalks eastward past White Oak Road, creating a safer environment for pedestrians along this commercial corridor. For more information, visit the Project Page.

Doe Run Road Water Treatment Facility Sustainability Project

The site of the Northwestern Lancaster County Authority’s Water Treatment Facility is also part of a larger sustainability demonstration and education project. In addition to the solar panel array located there, green infrastructure improvements have been constructed to enhance water quality and to provide a learning experience for everyone to take advantage of.

Solar Panel Demonstration Projects

Our panel arrays are located on top of the Public Works Garages and at the Northwestern Lancaster County Authority’s Water Treatment Facility.

Streetscape Plan & Guidelines for Doe Run Road and North Penryn Road

The concept plans for this Streetscape Project illustrate the array of improvements proposed for these major community corridors connecting Manheim Borough, the Doe Run Road commercial district, and Penryn. Peruse the document to see the recommended improvements, streetscape elements, and conceptual drawings.