Sustainability Project

Open to the Public!

After a lot of hard work by Penn Township and the Northwestern Lancaster County Authority, the Water Treatment Plant’s Sustainability Park is available for public use. Located at 306 Doe Run Road, the grounds surrounding the state of the art treatment plant represent a commitment to surface water quality, source water protection, and on-site energy production. Since the plant is located in karst geology where sinkholes and other features funnel stormwater directly to the aquifer, it is even more important that these water resources are protected to avoid increased treatment costs.

Things to Do

The site includes a 1/4-mile loop walking trail that traverses through meadows, by several rain gardens, and alongside a maturing wooded riparian buffer. Most of the trail is a mowed grass surface with a gentle grade, creating an inviting atmosphere for nature lovers, exercise seekers, or families looking for an outdoor education opportunity. The route has seven interpretive stations with educational signs that detail the various features and “Take-Home Tips”.

So be sure to stop by, take a stroll, and take in the meadow’s flowers, songbirds, and great views of the surrounding valley.

Site Plans

Several plan sheets found on the right can be viewed by clicking the links. The Site Plan shows the different water quality Best Management Practices (BMPs) and vegetation areas, while the Planting Plan and Grading Plan demonstrate the types and locations of vegetation added to the site.
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