Doe Run Road - East High Street Pedestrian Project

Project Information
The primary goal of this multi-municipal project is to extend sidewalks along East High Street and Doe Run Road from Memorial Drive in Manheim Borough eastward past White Oak Road.  Safe pedestrian connections between the residential neighborhoods of eastern Manheim and the Doe Run Road commercial corridor is of great importance to the community. This 1/4-mile gap will be retrofitted with sidewalks and crosswalks at intersections to improve public safety.
Current Conditions
Approximately 7,100 vehicles travel this roadway per day, including 626 trucks.  Pedestrians and other non-vehicular users must use the road shoulder or even the travel lane where the shoulder is insufficient.  The image on the left shows a dangerous point at the railroad crossing where pedestrians are forced to be exceptionally close to motorists.

Businesses on Doe Run Road are major traffic generators, drawing people from the neighborhoods to the north, the Borough to the west, and beyond.  
For residents without access to an automobile, or those that would prefer not to drive on occasion, this route can be dangerous. Red Rose Transit Authority's Route 19 is also located less than 1/4 miles from the sidewalks' end near Memorial Drive. 
Project Context
Several years ago, Penn Township developed the Preliminary Streetscape Plan and Guidelines for Doe Run Road and North Penryn Road, a document that laid the foundation for a larger initiative to connect sidewalks from Manheim Borough to the Pleasant View Retirement Community on North Penryn Road.  As seen in the image on the right, this is another dangerous route for pedestrians. This project represents the first and westernmost phase of the master plan.

More recently, Lighten Up Lancaster County and Live Well Lancaster County conducted a Walkability Audit with local stakeholders.  The Audit Report, completed in 2014, summarized existing conditions on the chosen route: North Penryn Road - Doe Run Road - White Oak Road - Stiegel Valley Road.  It rated Doe Run Road with 7 points out of a possible 30, noting that "Lack of sidewalks, no crosswalks and heavy truck traffic contributed to a walking environment that was objectionable to the walk audit participants."   

Timeline and Progress Made
In fall 2013, Penn Township and Manheim Borough made a joint application for this project to the Lancaster County Smart Growth Transportation funding program.  Months later, the announcement was made to fund the construction of the proposed sidewalks and accompanying pedestrian accommodations - a huge break for the community.  Now that the process of allocating Federal funds through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to Lancaster County is complete, the project has begun in earnest!

The general timeline for the project is to conduct engineering and design through 2015 and into early 2016.  The remainder of 2016 will be used to obtain permits, acquire right-of-way, and coordinate with utility providers.  Finally, utility relocation and construction will begin in 2017 and is expected to wrap up in summer 2017.  You can stay in the loop with updates below:

February 2015
The project kickoff meeting was held with municipal staff, a Lancaster County representative, and the PennDOT project manager.  Full survey of the corridor was ordered, which is a precursor to the upcoming design work.