Tree Planting at the Parks

166 Trees Planted!
2013 was a huge year for improving the tree cover in Penn Township’s two largest parks – Cedar Hollow Park and Sweetbriar Creek Park.  Dozens of volunteers came together to plant 100 trees in the spring, and another 66 in the spring.  The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources granted the township $15,000 to obtain the trees through its TreeVitalize program, which partners with local municipalities and groups to restore tree cover throughout the state.

Benefits of Trees
You may ask, "Why are we planting so many trees in public spaces?"  There are many reasons for improving our tree canopy other than improving the aesthetic value of the parks, such as:
  • Absorption of carbon dioxide and conversion into oxygen. Trees take this waste product and turn it into a basic necessity for our lives.
  • Shade from the tree canopy is great for users of the parks and pedestrians using walking trails and sidewalks, providing relief from the hot sun.
  • Shade over roads, sidewalks, and parking lots can help reduce the temperature of stormwater runoff from these surfaces into waterways. Especially in summertime, surges of hot water into streams and creeks adversely impacts aquatic life.
  • A variety of tree species in our area is vital for wildlife, including local and migrating birds.
Thanks to all the volunteers who made this huge project happen!  See the photo albums for three of the four planting dates below.

2013 Planting Events and Photo Albums
Fall 2013
Cedar Hollow Park – Saturday, September 28th  
Sweetbriar Creek Park – Saturday, October 5th  

Spring 2013
Cedar Hollow Park – Saturday, April 20th  
Sweetbriar Creek Park – Saturday, April 27th  

Sweetbriar Tree Planting
Cedar Hollow Spring Planting