Resolution Establishing Rules & Regulations for the Conduct at Public Meetings

The Sunshine Law allows the board to adopt rules and regulations necessary for the conduct of its meetings and the maintenance of order at meetings. Highlights of the approved resolution which took effect December 13, 2021 include:

  • time to address the board will be limited to 3 minutes (exceptions may apply)
  • the township is under no current obligation to allow live streaming of its meetings but choses to do so in limited circumstances as a convenience; the township does not guarantee the ability to connect remotely or to participate remotely; board meetings are open for the public to participate in person as the official method for public participation
  • those wishing to address the board must identify themselves including name, address, and the agenda item on which you wish to speak, as well as a short one sentence summary of what you would like to discuss or ask
  • recording devises are permitted under specified guidelines
  • all attendees of the public meeting are requested to print their name and address on an official “sign in sheet” that is provided prior to each meeting; those persons who have failed or refused to sign in may be passed over during the public comment period of the meeting
    proceedings and requested to comply with this resolution

To review the full resolution, visit or click Resolution 2021-15.

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