PPL Electric Utility work

PPL Electric Utilities (PPL) will soon begin important work to rebuild an electrical transmission line in the Township. This project is necessary to improve electric service for you and your neighbors throughout the region and is part of our ongoing effort to be among the most reliable electric companies in the nation.

PPL expects the work near you to start around August 14, 2023 and be completed by May 10, 2024. Construction crews will intermittently access the transmission line in your area as needed to reconstruct the line. Rebuilding the existing transmission line will involve many phases of construction, to include building access roads; drilling and installing pole foundations; transporting equipment to the work locations; pole erection; wire stringing; and finally, restoration of the right of way. All work will take place within PPL’s property, easements and authorized access areas.

Construction will involve the use of heavy equipment and helicopters in some cases. For your safety, we request you do not interfere with the field work or approach the field crews unannounced. Please be aware, PPL employees and subcontractors working on behalf of PPL carry photo identification and a business card and are required to show them to any concerned landowner upon request.

The existing transmission line support structures (wood poles and/or lattice towers) will be replaced with taller and thicker steel poles designed to weather to a dark-brown protective coating. The new poles will be much stronger and more resistant to wind and strong storms.

Chris Bishop
Lead Right of Way Agent
Transmission ROW/Land Acquisitions
Representing PPL Electric Utilities Corporation