Pandemic Preparedness-Hygene Urged

The health department continues to urge people to stop the spread of viruses including the flu and COVID-19 by “washing your hands, covering coughs and sneezes, cleaning surfaces and staying home if you are sick.”

For anyone who has a fever, cough or shortness of breath and had contact with someone who recently traveled, Dr. Bashirat Giwa of WellSpan Infectious Disease Specialists suggests staying at home in a voluntary quarantine and calling a primary care doctor to determine next steps in case of COVID-19.

While the content at the links provided below were developed to prepare for, or respond to, an influenza (“flu”) pandemic, the newly emerged coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease that seems to be spreading much like flu. Guidance and tools developed for pandemic influenza planning and preparedness can serve as appropriate resources for health departments in the event the current COVID-19 outbreak triggers a pandemic.

Contents excerts from:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Ready PA-Emergency Preparedness Guide
Lancaster Online-PA Families & Organizations should prepare for possible Coronavirus spread

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