Oil & Chip Road Surfacing

The township uses oil and chip surfacing because it costs about 12 times less than resurfacing with asphalt or concrete. Oil and chip is used on lower-traveled and lower speed roads. Oil and chip resurfacing is approved by PennDOT for these kinds of roadways. It typically takes about two days for the loose stones to become embedded in the road surface. Until then you may want to travel slower on that road. The oil and chip provides a protective wearing surface to prolong the road’s service life. This process typically adds five to seven years to the life of a road and will provide a safe, skid-resistant surface. The contractor applies only the amount of ‘chip’ stone needed and guarantees a maximum ‘whip-off’ of two percent excess stone. The whole process has dramatically improved over the years with the better efficiency of techniques and equipment.

Mark Hiester
Township Manager
Penn Township, Lancaster County

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