Lancaster Water Week – June 3-11

Register today for over 20 events that CELEBRATE our unique waterways and EDUCATE our community to TAKE ACTION for cleaner streams and rivers!

There’s something for everyone during Lancaster Water Week! Whether you’re looking to give back through volunteering, explore a part of Lancaster you’ve never seen before, or learn something new about Lancaster County’s 1,400 miles of streams and rivers – we have you covered!

Find out more about Lancaster Water Week and explore the week’s  exciting events by visiting our website at

A watershed is an area of land where all the water runs into the same body of water, like a stream. How we use that land impacts the quality of the waterways in that watershed.

Which of Lancaster County’s 12 watersheds do you live in? If you aren’t sure, type in your location at to find out and learn more about the health of the waterways near you!

This year’s Lancaster Water Week t-shirt designed by Modern Art is a reminder that we’re each part of a watershed community and that we each have the power to change the future of our waterways when we act together.

Grab your Water Week tee and strike up a conversation with neighbors and friends about your local watershed and the actions you can take for cleaner streams and rivers in our community!

Lancaster Conservancy
117 S. West End Ave
Lancaster, PA 17603

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