Keeping the Community Safe: Staff Receive Electrical Safety Training

On Monday, May 21 Penn Township workers, members of Penryn Fire Co., and workers of neighboring municipalities received electrical training from PPL Electric Utilities. They saw an up-close view of the dangers associated with electricity when PPL brought in its Live Line Electric Safety Exhibit.

It was part of the efforts by the Township and fire organization to educate employees and volunteers about the dangers when contact is made with overhead and underground power lines.

With the help of the exhibit that replicates the conditions of a 7,200-volt electrical distribution grid, trained PPL workers wearing protective equipment showed the sounds, sparks and impacts that occur when items such as gloves, ladders, trees, animals and shovels make contact with above-ground and underground power lines.

PPL reminds everyone of the importance of dialing 811 before digging in order to avoid contact with underground power lines and other utilities.


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