Blue Ridge Fiber Upgrades

Last September, we announced our multi-year plan to rebuild our entire internet service network. That’s 8,000 miles of cable we will be upgrading to create a 100% fiber-optic solution that delivers Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) directly to our customers.  It’s clear the need for faster internet speeds and bandwidth will continue to increase as more households connect more devices to work, learn, and play at home.  We believe that as our lives and experiences evolve, even in unpredictable ways, FTTH is the most technologically flexible and reliable solution — one that is truly long-term.

Once complete, we will begin offering Symmetry Fiber by Blue Ridge, which will deliver ultra-fast, symmetrical speeds (equal download and upload speeds) along with greater reliability to the neighborhoods we serve.

We are excited to announce that construction has begun in your communities and will continue through year-end. To learn more, visit

Joe Lorah
Director of Government and Public Affairs
Blue Ridge Communications

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